Join us for a special insight into Anthony Burgess’s youth in the silent cinemas of 1920s Manchester. Burgess’s father was a pianoplayer (not a pianist) who played along with silent films in the picture-houses of his home city, improvising accompaniment to classics such as Metropolis and the Charlie Chaplin comedies. Burgess’s experiences were fictionalised in […]

Taste Of Wild Tomato 野蕃茄 Taiwan / 2021 / Colour / 123 mins / In Taiwanese with Chinese and English subtitles/ Dir. Kek Huat LAU Kaohsiung served as an important military base under Japanese rule. It suffered heavy casualties during the 228 Incident, in which the civilians were brutally suppressed. The film shows how each […]

  Short Film Programme: The Inbetweeners 短片集:不港不英 “The Inbetweeners” is a series of 5 short films surrounding stories of people or pieces of land that carry double identities and meanings. It captures conversations across seas and lands; contemplates the meaning of “home”; rediscovers one’s identit(ies); sees the mundane in new light; and reimagines old images […]

Blue Island 憂鬱之島 Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan / 2022 / Colour / 97 mins / In Cantonese, Mandarin & English with Traditional Chinese and English subtitles / Dir. Tze Woon CHAN The film documents three real-life characters across time engaging in rebellions (during the Cultural Revolution, during the 1967 riot and during the 1989 Tiananmen […]

Film screening of the documentary Black Bauhinia, with a Q&A with the director. Two young Hong Kong activists reflect on their resistance against China, are forced to decide between long-term imprisonment and refugee camps for a life in exile, while their movement inspires mass protests in the city they love. (IMDb) 27 November 2022  |  […]

Eroteme team up with Chilean archival collective, MUCAM & Mississippi records to present a night of film, music and talks exploring the Chilean folkloric tradition — Canto a lo divino. Canto a lo divino – collective musical memory from Chile Canto a lo divino is a unique musical expression of the Chilean peasant world. It […]

A Screening of a new film by Jacob Cartwright, inspired by Joel Smith’s Existentialism: A Philosophical Inquiry. The event will include a discussion of the relevance of existential philosophical themes in the Twenty-First Century, led by Joel Smith, and a Q&A with the film-maker. More information to follow. Register here.

The Burgess Foundation has a rolling programme of public exhibitions highlighting the life and work of Anthony Burgess. Because visiting exhibitions has been a little difficult of late, we have expanded our exhibition programme to become fully browsable online. Delve into a world of Anthony Burgess below. Please note: this event page has a date […]

A Black Pride_MCR Film screening of STONEWALL and MONICA – LOOSE ON A CRUISE. Stonewall (Dir Nigel Finch/UK 1995/99 mins) The street riots fought between gay activists and the police around Stonewall Bar in New York 1969 are seen from the point of view of La Miranda Querides, a Puerto Rican drag queen, her lover […]

Come experience 2 days of amazing, unique, and previously un-seen films by American expats and American filmmakers working abroad! Friday’s 5:15pm screening is The Uncondemned (2015), “recounts the 1997 trial of Jean Paul Akayesu for his alleged knowledge of the rapes and other war crimes during the Rwandan Genocide. The film features three women, speaking […]