If you’re a journalist, critic, blogger or writer interested in reviewing the contemporary arts, enter the Observer/Anthony Burgess Prize for Arts Journalism.  Entrants to the prize must submit a review of up to 1,000 words on new work on the arts. Anthony Burgess had a wide range of interests, so there is no restriction on artform. […]

The Anthony Burgess Foundation is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Incline Press, one of Britain’s best-loved letterpress printers. Under the title ‘Occasional Essays and Poems of Anthony Burgess’, this series of letterpress printed books will present a selection of rare Burgess works in handsome limited-edition volumes. Our previous collaboration with Incline Press was […]

A new exhibition at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation explores the connections between Anthony Burgess and Riddley Walker with artworks by Sam Meech. On its first publication in 1980, Anthony Burgess said of Russell Hoban’s novel Riddley Walker that ‘this is what literature is meant to be’. Set in a post-apocalyptic future two thousand years after […]

To celebrate the 101st anniversary of Anthony Burgess’s birth, we present a brand new discovery from our archive. Here is a rare recording of author Anthony Burgess singing. This is Burgess himself sitting at the piano, and the song is ‘The Young May Moon’, composed in 1807 and set to an old Irish tune. Dublin […]

The winners of this year’s Observer/Anthony Burgess Prize for Arts Journalism have been announced at a glittering ceremony hosted in London by The Observer newspaper. Felicity James wins the £3,000 first prize for her personal take on ‘At My Table’ by Nigella Lawson. Her successful entry will appear in the Observer New Review this Sunday. […]

Anthony Burgess’s The Bad-Tempered Electronic Keyboard: 24 Preludes and Fugues was released as a CD and download on 16 February 2018, in a new recording by the acclaimed Belgian pianist Stéphane Ginsburgh. Never previously recorded, Burgess’s cycle of preludes and fugues was written to celebrate the 300th anniversary of J.S. Bach’s birth and is dedicated to that […]

Orange mécanique est d’une brûlante actualité ; seule manque à sa violence la dimension raciale pour être tout à fait moderne. Burgess, à qui l’on doit le roman à l’origine du film, avait inventé sa propre langue pour les nécessités de l’histoire. Kubrick avait pris de grandes libertés avec son ultime chapitre, ce qui ne lui avait […]

Our £3000 journalism prize is to be awarded at a ceremony to be hosted in London by the Observer newspaper, on Wednesday 21 February 2018. The International Anthony Burgess Foundation announces the shortlist for the Observer/Anthony Burgess Prize for Arts Journalism. Now in its sixth year, the £3000 prize is for lively and thought-provoking reviews […]

Burgess’s extravagant sketch of his possible origins. By Will Carr.

The audio collections at the Burgess Foundation contain several recordings of Burgess reading his own work, extracts from his novels, or lectures recorded by Liana. It is unusual to find him reading the work of other writers. A recent discovery is a tape of Burgess reading A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, in which he […]

The Burgess Foundation’s library of books by Anthony Burgess is extremely large. It includes almost every edition of his 33 novels and 25 books of non-fiction ever published in English. It also includes the majority of the foreign editions of his work. As this library of books is so large, rare books often lie hidden […]