Before lockdown, we curated an exhibition of portraits of Anthony Burgess, chosen from our collection of thousands of images. We look forward to showing you that exhibition when we reopen. In the meantime, to save you waiting, we asked staff at the Burgess Foundation to pick out some of their favourite images from the exhibition. […]

We take a look at a bust of Anthony Burgess held in our collections and featured on the front cover of his biographies. Our gallery at the Engine House is currently closed, but when it reopens there will be an opportunity to view an item never before displayed in public: a bust of Anthony Burgess […]

We turn our focus to numerous photographs taken by Liana Burgess, held here at the Burgess Foundation, and how they provide a revealing record of the life of Anthony Burgess. Liana Burgess was a keen and prolific amateur photographer. Using an Asahi Pentax SP1000 from the mid-1960s, her images make up a large part of […]