In this episode of the Burgess Foundation Podcast, Andrew Biswell explores The Devil Prefers Mozart, a new collection of Anthony Burgess’s essays on music, with the book’s editor, Paul Phillips. The Devil Prefers Mozart: On Music and Musicians, covers classical, modern and operatic works, as well as jazz, pop, heavy metal and punk. This episode […]

A new selection of Burgess’s essays about music will be published on 25 January. Music surrounded Burgess throughout his early years in Manchester. He came from a family of musicians: his mother had been a music-hall singer, and his father played piano in pubs, music halls and silent cinemas. In his book about music and […]

Anthony Burgess died in London on 22 November 1993. He was 76 years old and had been diagnosed with lung cancer just over a year previously. The final phase of his life was characterised by intense creative production, in a variety of forms. The publication of a long novel about the rediscovery of the sword […]