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About the Foundation

Established in 2003 by Liana Burgess (1929-2007), the International Anthony Burgess Foundation is an independent charity for everyone who is interested in Burgess’s work.

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Trustees and Patrons:

Company details

The Burgess Foundation is a registered charity (number 1102623) and company limited by guarantee (number 04949299). The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees. The current trustees are Dr Carson Bergstrom, Dr Nuria Belastegui, Caroline Langdon-Banks, Dr Stella Halkyard, Dr Bill Blazek, Gaëtan de Chezelles, Matthew Frost, Dr Patrick McDonagh and Yves Buelens.

The Foundation currently employs seven staff members: Professor Andrew Biswell (Director), Will Carr (Deputy Director), Ian Carrington (Events and Marketing Officer), Dr Graham Foster (Publications Officer), Anna Edwards (Archivist), Amelia Collingwood (Finance and Administration Officer) and Lucy Coupe (Café Manager).

Honorary Patrons

The following people have generously agreed to act as Honorary Patrons of the Foundation: David Batchelor, William Boyd, A.S. Byatt, David Crystal, Christopher Foyle, Kevin Jackson, Jonathan Meades, David Lodge, Paul Phillips, Carla Sassi, Max Saunders, Martin Scorsese, Brian Swann and Fulvio Testa.