The departure of Daniel Craig from the role of James Bond marks the end of the latest phase in the long-running film series. This blog post looks at some of Anthony Burgess’s responses to Ian Fleming’s most celebrated and enduring fictional character. When Fleming died on 12 August 1964 he had not yet completed The […]

In 1965, the year before Burgess published his spy novel, Tremor of Intent, Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels sold more than 15 million paperback copies in the UK alone. Given the vast enthusiasm for espionage fiction on the part of the book-buying public, it’s understandable that Burgess was keen to cash in on this publishing […]

Anthony Burgess was a lifelong fan of the James Bond books and the archive at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation has many editions of Ian Fleming’s books along with other Bond paraphernalia. This article, originally written for Life magazine in 1987, reveals the extent of Burgess’s preoccupation with Fleming’s master spy.