Our new exhibition is not currently open to the public, as our building is closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Here is a preview in advance of our reopening. Anthony Burgess was one of the most photographed writers of the twentieth century. Our collection contains more than 9000 images and paintings, a rich document of […]

Beard’s Roman Women is an odd book. The title, changed by the American publisher from Rome in the Rain, seems to suggest a historical novel, set in the Roman Empire. The text is partnered with strange photographs of ghostly Roman monuments, reflected in puddles and in glass. The story is clearly autobiographical yet is told […]

In 1970, Burgess moved with his family from Malta to Italy. They settled in the town of Bracciano, where they bought a fifteenth-century house on the cobbled Piazza Padella. This house would be the centre of Burgess’s creative life until he moved to Monaco in 1975, despite frequent trips to Malta and the United States. […]

One of the more unexpected items in the photographic collection at the Burgess Foundation is a Polaroid of Burgess with the French musician Jean-Michel Jarre and the actress Charlotte Rampling. The photograph dates from around the mid-1980s, and the exact circumstances in which the picture was taken are not known. However, Burgess and Jarre maintained […]

The photographic collections at the Anthony Burgess Foundation span Burgess’s entire life, from his Manchester childhood in the 1910s and 1920s, through his war years, to his latter years as an international man of letters. Perhaps the most evocative images are those taken in Malaya during the 1950s, when he worked as a school teacher […]

These pictures, dating from between 1955 and 1957, have recently been discovered in the Burgess Foundation archive. They show Burgess in front of his class at Malayan Teachers’ Training College in Kota Bharu. The blackboard behind him shows that he is teaching phonetics. Remembering his time in Malaya, Burgess writes, ‘I taught potential teachers of […]

These pictures reveal a very familiar image of Anthony Burgess: the smoker. Burgess’s relationship with tobacco is well documented in images throughout the archive and he’s rarely pictured without a cigarette or his favoured Schimmelpenninck Duet cigar. The archive includes many pieces of smoking paraphernalia, including tins of cigars, ashtrays and countless matchbooks. A life-long […]

This picture was taken in Chiswick, London, and shows Burgess with his border collie Haji. Burgess originally bought the dog when he and his wife Lynne moved to Etchingham in 1960, where they already had a cat and kittens. According to Burgess, Haji was not the perfect pet. He was ‘crafty, disobedient, and ignorant of […]

Liana Burgess, Anthony’s second wife, was a keen photographer. The images she produced make up a large part of the photographic collection in the Burgess Foundation’s archive, and they are stored in the form of prints and slides. Liana was a prolific amateur photographer, and her images are particularly valuable as they document both the […]

This photograph is one of the few from Anthony Burgess’s childhood in the collections at the Burgess Foundation. The ten year-old Burgess is seen on the beach at Cleveleys, Lancashire, a seaside town close to Blackpool, where the Wilson family used to holiday throughout his youth. The girl in the photograph is likely Sheila Tollitt, […]