The first French stage production of A Clockwork Orange took place at the Théâtre de la Ménagerie at the Cirque d’Hiver in Paris in 2006. Yves Buelens, one of the Trustees of the International Anthony Burgess Foundation, was in the audience: here is his review. The Théâtre de la Ménagerie stage production of A Clockwork Orange […]

Clockwork Controversy: Myth: Anthony Burgess disliked the American ending of his novel, which omitted his final chapter. Fact: Burgess was unsure about how to end his novel from the beginning. He liked the American ending and authorised its publication. It was only later in life that he preferred the British ending. Anthony Burgess’s 1961 manuscript […]

We take a closer look – and listen – to Anthony Burgess record collection held at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation The vinyl collection at the Burgess Foundation contains a huge variety of records all owned and collected by Anthony Burgess and his family. This important resource tells us much about Burgess’s listening habits, and […]

Raymond Yiu, composer of the song cycle The World Was Once All Miracle based on Anthony Burgess’s poems, describes his love for This Man and Music in this Q&A, exclusive to the Burgess Foundation and Manchester University Press. Tell us how you first came to Anthony Burgess’s This Man and Music. What impression did it […]

Exploring the music referenced in the brand new Irwell Edition of Anthony Burgess’s This Man and Music. This Man and Music, Anthony Burgess’s reflections on music, literature and autobiography, references a varied selection of music from the expected, such as Beethoven and Mozart, through the modernist influences on Burgess’s own music such as Stravinsky and […]