Daniel Felsenfeld will compose a new work for 2025, based on an unpublished Anthony Burgess poem. The American composer Daniel Felsenfeld (b. 1970) has been invited to create a new work for Soprano and Chamber Ensemble, based on a poem by Anthony Burgess (1917-1993). Commissioned by the International Anthony Burgess Foundation, the piece will be […]

The actor Paul Barnhill reads extracts from ‘Sonata in H’, a reflection on the atomic age, written by Anthony Burgess while he was living in Adderbury, Oxfordshire, in the 1950s. The complete text of this long poem will be published by Incline Press in 2021. The video was recorded in July 2020 at the International […]

When the atomic bomb destroyed the Japanese city of Hiroshima in August 1945, more than 140,000 people lost their lives, either in the blast itself or as a result of radiation sickness afterwards. This catastrophic event inaugurated a new era in world history and politics. From 1945 onwards, everyone would be living in the shadow […]