Anthony Burgess’s Shakespeare was published in 1970 by Jonathan Cape as a lavishly illustrated folio (see above). Burgess described his biography as a mode of using up the research he had done for a film about Shakespeare’s life that he had written for Warner Brothers, a project apparently mired in development problems and unlikely to […]

Anthony Burgess was not a prolific diarist, but the archive at the Burgess Foundation contains some notebooks with private journal entries and notes towards his writing projects. In most of these notebooks, only the first few pages have been filled with Burgess’s writing, with the remaining pages either blank or full of sketches or hastily […]

The various agents of Anthony Burgess, by Graham Foster.

Details of a new show on display at the Engine House .Curated by Anna Edwards.

The fascinating typescript of Burgess’s epic novel. By Andrew Biswell.

Schoolroom humour in ‘Nothing Like The Sun’, by Jim Clarke