Anthony Burgess

Bibliography and references

Anthony Burgess had an immense literary and musical output. Listed in the sections below are all of his published works, and some of the works of other writers whom he edited. Uncollected and unpublished writings are not listed; nor are all the introductions and prefaces he contributed to other writers’ works.

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Translations and adaptations:

  • The New Aristocrats, Michel de Saint – Pierre. [Translated by Burgess with Llewela Burgess] London, Gollancz (1962)
  • Olive Trees of Justice, Jean Pelegri.  [Translated by Burgess with Lynn Wilson] London, Sedgwick & Jackson (1962)
  • The Man Who Robbed Poor Boxes, Jean Servin. [Translated by Burgess] London, Gollancz(1965)
  • A Shorter “Finnegans Wake”, James Joyce. [Edited by Burgess] London, Faber & Faber (1966)
  • Cyrano de Bergerac, Edmund Rostand. [Translated by Burgess] New York, Knopf (1971)
  • Oedipus the King, Sophocles. [Translated by Burgess] Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press (1972)
  • Cavalier of the Rose, (1982) [based on libretto by Hofmannstahl, music by Richard Strauss].
  • Cyrano de Bergerac, by Edmund Rostand [second translation by Burgess] London, Hutchinson (1985); new edition, London, Nick Hern Books (1991)
  • Oberon Old and New, London, Hutchinson (1985) includes Oberon: A Fantastic Opera [by Carl Maria Von Weber with libretto by Burgess] and Oberon: A Romantic and Fairy Opera in Three Acts [by Carl Maria Von Weber with libretto by James Robinson Planché, originally published in 1826].
  • Carmen: An Opera in Four Acts, music by Georges Bizet, libretto by H. Meilhac and L.Halévy, based on the story by Prosper Merimée. [Translated by Burgess] London, Hutchinson (1986)
  • Chatsky (or The Importance of Being Stupid): A Verse Comedy in Four Acts. Based on Alexander Griboyedov’s Gore ot uma. [Translated and adapted by Burgess] London, Almeida Theatre (1993)