Kevin Jackson, who died on 10 May aged 66, was a man who distinguished himself in many areas of creativity. Among other accomplishments, he was a writer, broadcaster, film director, poet, songwriter, and anthologist. His knowledge and enthusiasms were large and contained multitudes. He was also a gifted raconteur and a master of the art […]

One of the most fascinating, yet underexplored, areas of the Burgess Foundation’s archive is its object collection. The collection consists of furniture, musical instruments, typewriters, crockery, glassware, awards, artwork, ornaments, and other collectibles that belonged to Burgess and his family and were gathered throughout their travels in Europe, Malaysia, and America. Many individual pieces are […]

Throughout his career, Anthony Burgess emphasised his status as a Mancunian who defined himself in opposition to the London literary establishment. In his biography of Shakespeare (1970), he draws parallels between himself and the playwright’s childhood and education away from the capital. Yet, like Shakespeare, Burgess was drawn to London from the provinces, and the […]

The various agents of Anthony Burgess, by Graham Foster.

A seedy flat and literary revenge. By Andrew Biswell.