In 1986 Anthony Burgess published The Pianoplayers, a ribald, mainly light-hearted story about the picaresque adventures of Ellen Henshaw and her dissolute pianoplayer father Billy in the silent cinemas and pubs of 1920s Manchester and Blackpool. Drawing heavily on the details of Burgess’s own early life, the novel balances its portrayal of the grim poverty […]

When visiting the International Anthony Burgess Foundation in Manchester, one of the first items of Burgess’s personal archive that can be seen is the Bösendorfer baby grand piano in the main Engine Room. This piano, which is still used for performances today, was bought by Burgess from Harrods in 1991. The following video shows him […]

The Irwell Edition of the Works of Anthony Burgess, published in hardback by Manchester University Press, is a new series which aims to bring all of Burgess’s novels and non-fiction books back into print. Each volume contains an editor’s introduction, a newly edited text, extensive notes and annotations, plus previously unpublished materials drawn from the […]

We are delighted to announce a special anniversary collaboration between the International Anthony Burgess Foundation and Thornbridge Brewery. The Pianoplayers is a new craft beer created to celebrate Anthony Burgess’s centenary in 2017. Using Mosaic, Amarillo and Simcoe hops, it is a clean, refreshing modern American Pale Ale style beer brewed at 5.2% that will […]

A new exhibition at the Engine House, curated by Stuart Bolton.

Our new exhibition at the Central Library opens.