Anthony Burgess wrote about Christmas in various contexts. He recalls in Little Wilson and Big God that one of his earliest published short stories was ‘The Great Christmas Train Robbery’. In the late 1960s he was commissioned to make an English translation of The Childhood of Christ by Hector Berlioz (revived as a big-budget ITV […]

Burgess’s extravagant sketch of his possible origins. By Will Carr.

Five writers, some of whom knew him in person, explore Burgess’s life and reflect on their favourite Burgess works, exploring the extraordinary twentieth-century man of letters from different angles. The Essay: Burgess at 100 offers personal as well as critical insight into why he remains a literary figure of such importance. These essays look beyond […]

A new exhibition at the Engine House, curated by Stuart Bolton.

Our new exhibition at the Central Library opens.

Painting belonging to Burgess from the 1940s identified. By Will Carr.

Burgess’s first visit to Rome, by Katherine Adamson…